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Isn’t it time for some new energy and fashionable colour contact lenses

Fashionable colour contact lenses can now be purchased direct and exclusively from Imyge Health.

Imyge contact lenses were developed in a range of fashionable, stylish and modern colours and patterns to allow you to express yourself in the way you want and deserve. These fashionable colour contact lenses are designed to accentuate the beauty of your eyes and blend with your chosen look. Your fashion and eye care needs are at the forefront of our thinking, and we hope you like our beautiful range of colours and patterns.

Luscious colours in the daily disposable lens range include Kiss Brown, Ocean Blue and Olive Lime which are sure to suit every situation and life event. For the monthly lenses, we have chosen Carrie Coco and Cerulean Dark which are guaranteed to be winners for your everyday look and vision needs.

We are obsessed with fashion and fun. Our focus is on developing contact lenses that meet your fashion and eye care needs as well as having fun whilst we do it. We also believe that we need to change our products, designs, colours and patterns as the world of fashion changes and as you change. You can let us know if we are doing things in the right way or when we need to change. 

We are sure you will find a contact lens that suits you.

Your Look, Your Lens!
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