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Olive Lime Daily Colour Contact Lenses

Imyge Health has designed beautifully coloured daily disposable Olive Lime Colour Contact Lenses for those who want to add a touch of green to their eyes.

The colour green is the symbol of nature, freshness and tranquillity. Green is also an expression and representation of those who are cool, calm and confident. Our Olive Lime colour contacts are a perfect match for those who want to express their personality through their eyes in a subtle and natural way. We believe that you will love the way that the Olive Lime cosmetic lenses match your personality, stylish looks and vision needs.

Your eyes are stunning and you deserve to have cosmetic contact lenses with fashionable, modern and stylish patterns and colours to match your unique style. As such, Imyge Health developed our fashionable colour contacts to fit with these needs by utilizing the latest fashion trends in the market. Our fashionable colour contact lenses are designed to accentuate the beauty of your eyes and match your chosen look.

The design of our colour contact lenses are unique to the Australian market and can only be purchased online from the Imyge Health website. Add to cart and see the difference.


Your Look, Your Lens!
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