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Two words express our inspiration and reason for existence

Fashion Fun

Happy youthful asian woman looking forward to wearing Imyge Health contact lenses

Contact lenses should be…..

fashionable and suit your desired look
fun to wear and easy to purchase


We founded Imyge Health with the aim of bringing a sense of fashion and fun into the contact lens market. Our belief is that it has not always been that way. So, after many years in the eye care industry, we decided that it was time to make a difference. Our core values of fashion and fun guide how we develop our products for you, how we want to promote them, and our behaviour towards you and others.

The inspiration for our lenses

Taking inspiration from trends and styles around the world, we have brought to you a range of contact lenses that are modern, stylish, and fashionable. We have developed three wonderful colours and patterns for our daily disposable lenses and two welcoming colours and patterns for our monthly lenses.

Giving you what you need

We believe that it is important for you to able to buy what you need when you need it. Our lenses are exclusively for purchase through this website and we ship directly to the address convenient to you. However, you should take the time to find the contact lens that suits your individual needs and ask the right questions.

Quality is important

Just as importantly, Imyge Health is focused on bringing you lenses that not only look great but do not compromise on quality because eye health is fundamental. As such, we have chosen a partner that has been manufacturing contact lenses for many years in Asia and other countries around the world.

This is the start of our journey

Our focus is on partnering with you to fully understand and keep up with your changing needs. We will continue to monitor the world market, and changes in fashion trends both locally and other countries.  Please let us know what you need, what we are doing well and how we can do better.

We take inspiration from you!