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About Us Our Focus

Our aim is simple: to bring creativity into eye care. For decades, corrective contact lenses have been bland and boring, but we believe that doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Imyge Health, we are committed to bringing creativity and colour into the eye care industry while still offering a top-quality product that customers can depend on

Why Shop With Us

In addition to our extensive experience in the eye care industry and a broad range of colours,
there are several other reasons why you should shop with Imyge Health.

Free Shipping

Looking to get more bang for your buck? Stock up and save by receiving free shipping on all orders over $100.

Upfront Pricing

Fair prices to fit any budget, with no hidden costs or unexpected transaction fees. Plus, order six or more packs of lenses and receive an automatic 10% discount on your entire order.

Daily Or Monthly Options

Whether you want a quick change of colour for a special event or a lens that will last you throughout the month, we’ve got you covered with our single or multiple-use contact lenses.

Our Vision

True freedom is about self-expression and we’ve made it our mission to give our customers the freedom to express themselves through their eye care. With 10 unique colours to choose from in single or multi-use options, our contact lenses give you the ability to show the world your true self, whether it’s for a day or a month.


Until recently, the only way to get coloured contact lenses was to visit a specialist store that stocked them – but now,
there’s a whole range of options right at your fingertips. Here are just some of the reasons why shopping online is the
simplest way to get your coloured contact lenses:

Saving You Time

Life is busy enough without having to take time out of your day for special errands. Shopping online saves you time: with just a few quick clicks, you can select your colours and have them sent straight to your door – it’s never been easier.

A Stress-Free Process

We do everything we can to make the process of ordering and receiving your contact lenses easy and stress-free. Once you hit the order button, you can rest assured that our team will begin to process your order – and if there are any issues or concerns, we will get in touch with you right away.

Specialised Search

If you’re struggling to find the best lenses for you at a store, our specialised search is here to save the day. Browse for specific colours and styles, or if you’re after something truly special, get in touch with one of our team to have them point you in the right direction.

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Perks We're Got
You Covered

10 Unique Colours

No matter your skin tone or style, you’ll never be short of options with Imyge Health. Browse our selection of colours including caramel, violet, hazel and lemon.

Express Delivery

We’re partnered with some of Australia’s best courier services. Place your order and receive your coloured contact lenses in just three days, anywhere in the country.

Free Shipping Over $100

Our delivery is not only fast, it’s also free when you spend $100 or more.


Feeling the pinch before payday? There’s no need to worry - with Afterpay, you can still shop our full range of coloured contact lenses, even if you’re a few cents short of the dollar.
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