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About Our Cosmetic Coloured Contact Lenses

Our cosmetic-coloured contact lenses come in a wide range of fashionable, modern, and stylish colours and patterns that will suit you perfectly. These contact lenses will allow you to accentuate the true beauty of your eyes and blend perfectly with the look you have chosen. Your fashion and eye care needs are what we focus on, so we have put together a variety of fantastic contact lenses, from a daily disposable range to a monthly range.

What To Consider When Buying Cosmetic Coloured Contacts

When you buy our cosmetic eye contacts, we ensure you will be receiving the best quality products available on the market. In addition, we make sure your contact lenses will enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and add additional colour to your eyes.

  • If you are unsure about the strength, you need it would be best to consult with your optometrist to ensure you pick contact lenses that you can wear regularly. If you can’t see through your contact lenses, you might dislike the entire experience and decide against wearing them in the future. For this reason, choosing the right power of the lenses is essential.
  • It’s beneficial to choose contact lenses that are tinted instead of full colour. Opaque lenses might cause blurriness as the colour completely covers the entire lenses. Our lenses are only tinted to ensure they enhance and add to your eyes while not damaging your sight.
  • Always make sure you fully understand the wear and care instructions of your contact lenses. Our contact lenses require the same care and protection as other lenses, including not wearing them for longer than twelve hours and never sharing them with anybody.

What You Should Know About Wearing Cosmetic Contacts

When wearing cosmetic eye contact lenses, ensure you have your basic care instructions that come along with them. Our contact lenses have the exact care instructions. We urge you not to wear contact lenses that have any damage, as this might cause damage to your eyes.

  • Always clean and rinse your contact lenses with the right solution and never with water. Even filtered water is not enough to clean them thoroughly. Before storing them, rinse them well with the eye contact solution.
  • Handle contact lenses with your fingertips. Make sure you keep your fingernails short and tidy to avoid hurting yourself or scratching your contact lenses additionally. It’s best not to wear lenses if you will be swimming and only use eye drops suitable for contact lenses as other eye drops might cause the lenses to get sticky.
  • Always clean the lenses case before and after use and inspect your lenses before and after using them to ensure they remain safe to use again.

Why Trust Imyge Health?

At Imyge Health, we aim to bring fashion and fun into the eye care world and let that drive us to develop the best products for you. Our inspirations come from the latest trends and styles around the globe, and we stay up to date by keeping our lenses as fashionable as possible. We have three incredible colours in our disposable daily lenses and two unique colours in our monthly lenses. Thus, our lenses assure quality and beauty in one product. Order your favourite lenses online today, or contact us for any further queries.