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Learning to Pair Your Look, Experimenting With Honey Contact Lenses

Our style develops as we grow older and wiser, and sometimes we look back on our outfits from a couple of years ago with loads of laughter. Whether you’re a fashionista, a mum, or a student who lives in jeans and t-shirts, we can provide you with an accessory to instantly change your look. Contact Lenses, whether honey, turquoise, gray, or violet, can produce an instant fashionable, fun look.

Elements to Consider When Buying Honey Coloured Contact Lenses

Your look is your own, and each piece, whether clothing or accessories, is chosen to reflect your style and personality. Here are guidelines on deciding which coloured lenses are best suited to you:

  • Tones of blue and gray are easily paired with fair skin. For a more dramatic look, colours like purple, dark brown, or turquoise can be used.
  • Medium skin tones can be paired with hazel, green, honey, or grey. Recommendations can be used, or you can play with different colours, styles, and designs to create a look unique to you.
  • Warm brown, hazel, or violet can be complementary to a tanned skin tone. Remember that your hairstyle also plays a role in your look. Experimenting with different tones will give you a better understanding of styles that compliment you.

A History of Honey Contacts

Fashion evolves daily, and it is said that the first use of coloured contact lenses was in the 1930’s when a makeup artist approached an ophthalmologist to change the colour of an actor’s eye colour from brown to blue in the film Miracles for Sale. It gained popularity in the 1970’s and 80’s and is now widely available as coloured lenses for improved eyesight or as a fashion accessory.

  • In 1508 da Vinci wrote The Codex of the Eye, suggesting that putting your head in a bowl of water could correct certain visual impairments. This idea is seen as the inspiration that lead to contact lenses.
  • In 1887 the first contact lens was made from glass. Just before World War II, plastic contact lenses are manufactured.
  • Late in the 1980’s contact lenses are approved for extended wear and can be worn overnight.

Why Trust Imyge Health Regarding Honey Lenses

Because eye health is fundamental, quality is non-negotiable. Starting with the manufacturer of the lenses, we’ve partnered with a manufacturer in Asia who has a long history of producing top-quality lenses. We are forever inspired by the world we live in and aim to curate a selection of lenses for both daily and monthly use to suit your desired look. Our range currently includes three colours and patterns for daily use, with two designs available for monthly use. Our quoted prices are for two pairs, and we offer a 10% discount for orders on more than six pairs. We ship directly to your door and provide free shipping for purchases over AUS$100. We’re constantly expanding, and our range will soon be updated with exciting new styles.

Contact us today for a step into your funky future!